Vilnius Greets Vladimir Ivkovic

Vladimir Ivkovic, Manfredas, 12 Incu Po Zeme | Smala

Born in Belgrade and having later moved to Germany, a long time DJ, having started his music journeys back at his father’s cafe during nights, and now a man behind obscure Offen Music label, when it kicked off once having bought Rex Ilusivii Opus ’80-’91, Vladimir Ivkovic is arriving to Vilnius for Smala party series and a part of Alfavilnius festival.

Important part in Ivkovic’s life takes place in Salon des Amateurs, Dusseldorf, opened 14 years ago and now being a frequent residence for him along with the rest of the crew members such as Toulouse Low Trax, Lena Willikens, Wolf Müller and others, where coherent sets were being built while jumping between styles. Thanks to them, Salon des Amateurs has gone out of control in a good way developing it’s own life.

Plenty of podcasts and interviews could be found online, yet mostly recommended one is Digital Tsunami with personal words of Ivkovic himself in attention catching conversation with Julia Si, where he discusses Belgrade’s music scene in his teenage years and current time. Also short, but fascinating story behind the start of Offen Music could be found with details of late Mitar Subotic Suba/Rex Ilusivii and how Ivkovic tried to find his mother to discover more of his lost tapes and recordings.

A mixture of love songs and other obscurities can also be heard in the podcast recorded for the interview. Do enjoy and come to the event.