Parallel Cityscapes By Alfavilnius 2019

Pictures by Titas Sudzius, Oliwia Szanajca-Kossakowska
Alfavilnius 2019

Alfavilnius strikes again one more year. Known as a festival of parallel Vilnius, it depicts the meaning and the purpose surprisingly well and counts its third stepping into the field of city’s events you shouldn’t miss out on. Each edition consistently intervening into several areas within the city, it combines the affair between invited musical talents and a healthy dosage of unexpected locations to visit.

This year, the event will stretch out to several days having an early start on Thursday evening and expanding towards the end of the weekend leading to the the last spot for the strongest dancers out there.

With an array of artists invited, it is natural for the festival to seek out for the best, however, still rather underrated locations. One of such will be within the oldest food markets in Vilnius – Hale, where we will be able to experience the sound notes of the wild hunt – Die Wilde Jagd is planned to open the festival with their live performance, leading the crowd further ahead to another location, well known to the city’s locals, Amadeus bar.

Ghostly Tokyo atmosphere, drawing the visitors through the bar’s windows, will invite to take a chance and listen to Sapphire Slows – female artist from the far East, intriguing with her melancholic and eclectic atmosphere that she creates. 

Friday programme will invite us to the fields of Tauro kalnas that last year hosted a live performance of Londonese members C.A.R. This time we will be able to observe a show of another strong female artist that we heavily admire – Berlin based Eva Geist and her left-field electronica with underwater music notes is definitely going to steal our attention, leading further ahead to the headquarters of the festival – Opium club, where messages of the love are going to take place along with V, Dave Harvey and Paranoid London.

Taking lots of action on Friday night will lead to other day’s outdoor programme at Užupio Meno Inkubatorius, filling daytime’s programme with Smala radio team’s live broadcast, onwards directing to the same location of the last night, where another well known music connoisseur and maestro of vintage synths Legowelt will guide us through the maze of electro he will create by himself. Sleepless dancers will then be able to proceed to the afterparty of one or a several, that Marsas bar will have prepared for them. Only the winners of the whole festival are going to know what awaits for them there. 

Book your early attendance of the event right now and don’t regret later on with the names we’ve marked through this list.