New Split EP by Gil. Barte and LostSoundBytes

Pictures by Thibaut de Wolf
Gil.Barte - Egareur

Discos Del Quebranto, a sub-label by Brokntoys will be dropping a 5 track split EP by Gil.Barte and LostSoundBytes on 18th February.  A hypno-industrial release is divided into two parts featuring two strong and authentic characters.
Gil.Barte is an artist who immerses the listeners into a deep hypnotic trance, while Lostsoundbytes attacks with a more aggressive approach of distorted rhythms and crazed anxious voices.

Both artists had already exposed us to killer tracks and captivating rhythms a while ago. In the early 2018 Gil.Barte debuted with a 3 track EP titled Sssjp, released on NEUBAU and featuring distinctive style and sounds, while LostSoundBytes has been visible within the scene since 2015 and has had releases on various labels such as Land Of Dance Records or Lost Dogs Entertainment.

We present their joint release on Calypso Sessions by featuring a track from the EP – Egareur – a single, saturated with slow metallic rhythms, robotic voices and loose string plucks. Don’t miss a chance to get this release over here.