Marko, The Solver of Musicians’ Design Problems

SMALA EXPO with Marko Vuleta-Djukanov

While graphic artist Marko Vuleta-Djukanov makes his Serbian clients happy, music scene also flourishes due to his playful and fruity graphics across whole Europe. Sacha Mambo, Interstellar Funk, Smala series, Vladimir Ivkovic are just a few to mention under his obscure, yet easily recognisable event posters resembling bright colours, cartoon characters and cut-and-paste shapes. Even the edgiest artists get a touch of warmth in his works.

Despite doing graphics for others, Marko also creates posters for his and his friends’ live stream sessions “Opskura”. Relaxed vibes and easy listening are the key points, as musicians have a complete freedom to play whatever they want. Check what Marko had to say to me right below.

Q: I get the idea where you find inspiration while designing for Vladimir Ivkovic event, but how about others?

A: Some of the people I work with/for I know personally, so it’s easier to connect visual/graphic idea to the subject, and if it’s not the case and the client is new, I usually try to get as much info from them or their music as a starting point.

Q: In short – what technique are you using for poster design? What objects do you refer to?

A: I see design as a tool for problem solving that has particular purpose and target (group). It may or may not include visual elements to send the message.
P.S. Trying to stay away from routine when it comes to visual style will keep you sharp, and force you to go forward (or backwards).

Q: Can you explain more what Opskura parties are like?

A: Basically, Opskura at this moment is a livestream session show(?). It’s run by Bojan Lüle Gajic (Kompleks) and myself + Nebojsa Bogdanović – Schwabe (Tapan/DND), but second circle of support comes from friends at DiscoNotDisco, Yes, Klub 20/44 and Drugstore.
So, Opskura is not a party night, its more like a pre-party gathering session with people that are close to us. Nice, pleasant space filled with sound. Initial concept was to make space where people can play or perform with materials that are expectation-free and something that they enjoy playing for themselves.
Other than that, no particular boundaries have been set. We’ll see what it will grow into.

Marko is coming with his works to Lithuania, where you’ll be able to catch him in musical SMALA EXPO exhibition of Alfavilnius festival. You can also check more of his works here.