Fused Electronic Obscurities Of Khidja

Opium of the People: Khidja, Perel, V, 12 incu po zeme 10.31

Roman duet, Andrei Rusu and Florentin Tudor, were inspired by a record of a legendary band Mandrill – they found it during their school years and that’s how Khidja was born. Now this name always lights up every party’s line up from Tokyo to New York or Vilnius. That’s why we found it as the right time to meet up for a small talk. 

Q: How have you both met up, and what are the perks of playing together? Do you perform separately sometimes?  

A: We met up a long time ago in school and clicked right away. One aspect of playing together and always back to back is that the direction of a night can take surprising turns quite fast. 

Q: It’s not your first time in Lithuania. You have been at Smala and from time to time are playing in the parties with some mohicans of our country. Can you compare your impressions of the local scene to Bucharest or London, for example? 

A: Lithuania is very close to us and we love to come back to hang with buddies Manfredas, Marijus, Simas and Vidmantas. Also, it’s great to see more and more music released by Lithuanian artists. Sound-wise, ex-soviet states tend to share a passion for darker music and unearthly or outer national sounds. London is a metropolis with various scenes, you are spoiled with venues and live shows but the party scene is different because of the short hours. 

Q: Romania is an ex-soviet state, as well, so how do you recall the aforementioned passion for darker music and unearthly or outer national sounds in your country? 

A: This is what people are into basically. It’s sometimes almost like an anti-party. Music is not entertaining anymore. There is actually so much more music to be discovered that is wonderfully dark or weird / left-field. It’s actually finally getting more attention in today’s club world, so that’s interesting.
Outer national sound has always been around in Romania but it’s getting even more attention today. It’s hopefully creating a social context that also brings people from different corners together but above all there are some incredible musicians always invited. We are mainly talking about the “Outernational Days Festival”. Go see it next year. 

Q: Can you tell us about your dream party in detail? In which place it could be held, what would be the line-up, decorations, possible scenarios, anything else?

A: Good chemistry with the crowd, top drinks, our friends Coté & Dreamrec doing visuals by mapping a venue up, or maybe on a warm beach with some cool speakers and friends. Maybe in an underwater glass room surrounded by tuxedoed dolphins.

That’s it for this time with Khidja. Yet, don’t go away too far, as longer conversations and discussions can be held tonight at Opium club. There Khidja will be joining Opium of the People movement together with Perel and our local members of the venue.