Lending Ears To Krautrock Legend FaUSt

Faust solidarity concert in Vilnius

Speaking of faUSt, it is described as probably the most mythical group. As Faust solidarity concert in Vilnius is drawing closer, we can’t hold our excitement to see their performance, which will be accompanied by Arklio Galia and OctatanzIn a meanwhile, let’s go a bit deeper towards the myth of this legendary band together with one of its founder Jean Hervé Peron.

+ Within the time of almost 50 years on the scene, most likely you have influenced a bunch of musicians and artists. On the other hand, who holds the source of influence upon you?
As I have been asked this several times, I had the opportunity to go deeper in my brain and search for the ‘influences’ on our art and music. I came to the conclusion that it would be useless to start naming musicians or artists who eventually played a massive role in the evolution of my approach towards music. As one grows, and I mean from the womb to the grave, one receives impulses from outside and from inside of oneself. I mean the songs my mama sang when I was unborn, the radio hits when I was a teenager, the street artists I met  when I was ‘on the road’, the support bands I hear when we are touring… and the birds, the street noises, the sound of machines, of silence, the sounds humans and animal make when they express emotions… and the mysterious melodies I hear inside of me… All this influenced me throughout my life, everyday different – is that what you call Fluxus?

+ We heard all the money collected during this event will be used for the establishment of new DIY space in town. What is your relationship with DIY culture?
Yes this is correct: all money generated through our concert goes to support the creation of an independent,  self-acting, self-sustained space. It is, today more than ever, essential to create places which are not bound to commercial interests. Where values such as respect, responsibility, freedom, care, imagination, joy, work are truly experienced. We have the privilege to live in a western society where this is possible, although sometimes difficult financially and/or legally, but possible. One should promote such initiatives always, and faUSt does it! 

+ Do you personally have beloved and tremendously cherished release of your own band? Which is it and why?
Aaah, a difficult question. Which child of all your children do you prefer? Obviously, I love all of our recordings. Maybe a little preference or a little pinch in my heart is when I hear the first one “Clear” because it is Faust pure!  Later I grew fond of “Rien” because it marks a turning point in our group dynamic. Faust becomes faUSt. And yes, I like very much the last two productions “jUSt”  and “Fresh Air” because they reflect again a definite step in another direction. It seems to me we have reached the essence of what my lifelong friend Zappi and myself always wanted to express.

We are very much looking forward to performing in Lithuania as we never played there before. Also, because we will perform under ideal conditions with an audience who is ready and willing to lend us their ears while we are eager to give them our hearts.