Discotheque With Hugo Capablanca

The one who likes music but is also focused on visual arts. Being successful while doing what he loves. Not taking himself too seriously.
Hugo Capablanca runs a label and knows how to link DJ’ing with conceptual art and how to be the right clue to your next night out. Just recently Hugo visited us to play in the sandy dunes of Lithuania and stopped by to give a few words to Calypso.

Q: How your music is affected by your background in the fine arts?

A: I don’t know if it is. I’m not a musician, that much I know. I can make a good record sleeve for my non-music?

Q: You consider yourself as a conceptual artist, so why clubs, not galleries?

A: I do work with sounds, people and situations. Temporary and permanent installations. And I do perform. But does that make me an artist? Artists take themselves too seriously, are annoying more often than not and their drive is too competitive and sucky. Head up the arse scenario. I know a couple of good ones though, they’re not like that. But their world kinda is. Clubs because of the Here and Now. And the FUNS. Instant Situation and Response Kind of Situation.

Q: What is the concept behind Hugo Capablanca?

A: Trial-Error-Repeat! If you find about it, you let me know.

Q: It’s not your first time in Lithuania. What’s your impression of the electronic music scene here?

A: As if I was gonna say now it’s terrible haha. But it’s not, it’s prettttay prettay good, you have Smala, and Opium and Ant Bangos and hidden raves in the dunes every 13th moon and Digital Tsunamis, so what’s not to like?