Miniature Complex Of Dane//Close

Juoduomenė: Dane//Close 05.25

The upcoming weekend is planned to be spent under the black rainbow, so let us introduce here the guest of already traditional Juoduomene night in Opium club – the resident of Sameheads and a fellow man to a highly regarded Power Cuts sub edits-label, Dane//Close.

Q: How did you turn from DJ’ing into producing music as well? Or was it the other way around? In which role do you feel more comfortable?

A: Even though I have a huge passion for sharing music, a lot of the time I never feel that comfortable in either role. DJ’ing (badly) came way before I produced anything of any merit and I guess my productions improved side by side with my DJ’ing. The way I personally make music can’t really be distilled into an exact science and I tend to rely on my feelings rather than my craft. That said, I do work hard at channelling what it is I want to express. I guess I prefer whichever is working better at that moment.

Q: Even though your first LP “The Miniature Industrial Complex” was released pretty recently, what are your plans for the future? Should we expect something soon?

A: Yes and no. I am always working on stuff but if I don’t feel it, or I don’t feel that someone else who wants music from me feels it, it’s not coming out. I like to do things at my own pace  – no one wants to be flavour of the month. I am always making music and I have no plans to stop creating. It just happens when it happens. I also don’t send stuff to people unless they ask, which is probably really f***ng stupid. But that’s me.

Q: As we know, you’re a resident of Sameheads club in Berlin. What was your path to becoming one?

A: Being the go-to guy for music at any kind of odd event. I guess I would represent, broadly, what the Sameheads is all about musically. Not necessarily stylistically, more just an attitude. Also not taking it too seriously, but also being serious about what I want to do at the same time. Sounds easy but it took a lot of time to get there (for all of us). Being best friends and party partners helps as well I guess.