Corpus – A Body Of Work By Borusiade

House Purgatorio: Borusiade LIVE

In connection to an event series called House Purgatorio in Riga’s club ONE ONE and their venture of booking the somewhat mysterious artist Borusiade to their second instalment this year we had the chance to throw three random questions at Miruna – the name behind the Prussian enigma. Her debut LP came out a moment ago – it’s “A Body”. A body of her music – some of which we had heard before in releases prior to this, thus it really is a body of work. But for a non-concept album it creates a mood of one: it shifts, it breaks and falls, but you’re somehow a different person by the end of it. It has found a home at Cómeme – a label hard to not be a fan of nowadays. And her audiovisual performance will now find a home in a series that’s dedicated to an experience of transformation. Literally. From live to DJ sets, from dance music to music that you have to listen to in order to move to. From a club setting to a video installation environment. Saturday marks her second performance of the new live endeavour – right after a “premiere” of sorts at Nuits Sonores. Here is Miruna trying her best to react swiftly to us asking.

Q: What’s the first memory you recall from your childhood when you discovered the world of sounds?

A: My childhood was all about sounds – I started singing in a children’s choir when I was already 6 and that lasted until I was 18. In that time I have discovered a large part of the classical music that I still know today. Then, there was a lot of music in my parent’s house – my father’s record collection comprising music from the 60-70s – rare folk and very much classical music. Those were the sounds that shaped me. I was never a kid who liked the music of it’s time, I guess.

Q: What is your take on conceptualism when it comes to producing?

A: To be honest, there is no conceptual take for me. I work very much instinctively. Then, of course, it can all fall into a context and get a shape but I don’t start working and creating with that idea in mind. I let the unconscious work a lot in my creativity. I am consciously there just to fine-tune and decide what stays and what goes.

Q: Should we even be talking about music because it speaks for itself so beautifully?

A: Music should definitely be listened to, not talked about.

Purgatorio is an ambitious and neatly structured isle of the classical within the tempest of spontaneity in a club setting and vice versa. In 2018 the Purgatory is set to feature live performances at each event – it was Patris with his cello who debuted the concept in February. It shall be Borusiade who will be the second live act at the Purgatory in May.