19 Neo-Kraut Tracks You Need To Hear. Pt. III

The time has come for the third and the last part of our series of the 19 Neo-kraut Songs You Need To Hear dedicated to uncovering the ongoing impact of the krautrock sound tradition and we hope it was as much of a delight to you as it was to us.

Closing our list are six modern kraut tracks, stretching between succulent and raw guitar-driven MK-II and Ashinoa jams, visceral trance rock by Bitchin Bajas and spaced-out electronic jaunts by Fred und Luna, Cosmo Vitelli and Kapitan.


Bitchin Bajas

Pay a visit to the ever-unfolding musical cosmos of Cooper Crain, the guitarist of an acclaimed band Cave, where he takes krautrock into a more meditative direction.



Raw and distorted bedroom-kraut by an undeservedly overlooked artist MK-II, released by an Indianapolis-based cassette label Medium Sound.

Listen here.


Fred und Luna

In his oddball electro-kraut project – a conceptual manifestation of his love for two plastic mannequins Fred and Luna – German-based artist Rainer Buchmüller strips down krautrock into minimalist synthetic soundscapes led by naive melodies.



One of the latest additions in Sascha Mambo catalogue is Lyon’s outfit Ashinoa. With their unwavering motorik beat, throbbing bass octaves and tangy guitars, it’s probably the closest you can get to the original krautrock sound today.


Cosmo Vitelli

When Cosmo Vitelli is not busy managing his label and showcasing masterly DJ sets, the leading figure of Berlin’s electronic music scene engrosses himself in the alchemy of mixing modern dance music with the organic essence of industrial, post-punk and krautrock.



One of the most exciting recent debuts on Malka Tuti label – a solo project by Red Axes’ Dori Sadvonik – is a beautiful, eerie odyssey to kosmische waters guided by delicate modular synth melodies.