Supynes 2018: Rejuvenated, Modern And Responsible

Pictures by Supynes Festival
Supynes Festival 2018

The synthesis of poetic pulse of nature and modern culture of nowadays. Fundamental musical projects and eclectics pushing the boundaries of their genres. Spaces, dedicated for both audiovisual art experiments and highly relevant health issues. These are significant, yet not the only attributes of Supynes festival, which is coming back to the timeline of Lithuanian summer open airs for the 12th time. Taking place on July 26-29, the event of precisely selected electronic music will be held on the greenest forest bed, next to lucid lakes, and is promising to be highly expressive, carefully polished, and rejuvenated.

Supynes will be going up in the spaces of rest home “Tolieja”, in the district of Moletai and the regional park of Labanoras, representing the charm of Lithuanian nature perfectly with its variety of landscapes, rich fauna, and incredible flora. The organizers invite the participants on a date with comeback classics that set the norms of the genre. This year, in the rich line-up of Supynes: DJ Stingray from Detroit (also known as a part of Urban Tribe), who’s been known for his unique electro and techno sounds for nearly 30 years, and always hiding his face under a black balaclava; one of the founders of record company Jealous God, experimenter of avant-garde electronic music Silent Servant; The Empire Line trio (Christian Stadgaard from Posh Isolation, Varg, and vocalist Isak Hansen), who have dedicated their works for the rave culture in today’s European cities and are playing under the Northern Electronics umbrella; Lake People is coming from Germany to share some of his transitions from aesthetic techno to highly expressive acid house.

The stage of the festival will also house the synthesis of contemporary art and experimental music from Brazil – Negroma; German Oskar Offermann, who used to play real drums when he was a child, and now creates deep house with digitalized ones; as well as Florian Kupfer, known as extremely interesting, able to put a listener into a vacuum of melancholy, and inspired by Berlin winters and the apathy caused by 9/11.

Even though the face of Supynes is new, the festival remains loyal to the trends of Lithuanian stage as well as bright flashes of these days. The average July temperatures will be raised by project Smala, often referred to as a cult one, together with outstanding psychedelic rockers Flash Voyage and WhaleSounds, who will invite to dive into a meditative hypnosis, and Arma Agharta and Karkasas, known for their avant-garde, innovative, pulsing live performances.

In Supynes 2018, there will be 4 stages. The main one – “More”, is the axis of electronic dance music. It is followed by “Less” stage, dedicated for experiments, unexpected and open experiences. In the meantime, “High” stage, representing the club culture, will serve you in the late mornings and accompany the sunrises, thus slightly messing with your sleep regime. “Playground” stage is for audiovisual arts, artist collaborations, and discussions.

Let’s meet up where the organics of the nature are interweaving with urban pleasures, and the trees, lakes, and forest bed of Labanoras is twined with eclectic sounds and live, pulsing experiences.

In the meantime, Calypso is giving away an invite to Supynes festival 2018 to a one lucky raver. All you need to do is subscribe at the bottom of our page and write to or contact us on Facebook telling which artist you’d be looking forward to see the most and why you should be that golden one. We will reach out to the winner personally. Good luck!