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19 Neo-Kraut Tracks You Need To Hear. Pt. III

The time has come for the third and the last part of our series of the 19 Neo-kraut Songs You Need To Hear dedicated to uncovering the ongoing impact of the krautrock sound tradition and we hope it was as much of a delight to you as it was to us.
Gabriele Sadzeviciute

Urban Fungus is Prague’s Best-kept Secret

“Keeping it low profile” is probably the mantra of Petr Danda, the person behind Urban Fungus — a music and sound curating project from Prague that serves a rather fine blend of psychedelic rock and 60s inspired beat music, covered into a curtain of sound effects...
Martin Ludvik

Lena Willikens: Cryptic Corner Series

Right in the middle of melancholic Lithuanian autumn Opium Club surprises us with an announcement of a new resident DJ they are going to host. As our eyes flash with excitement we learn that Lena Willikens is going to be a regular guest at the club...
Justas Jelisejevas, Ilona Dzengeleviciute
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