Navigating the tunnel of electronica underworlds. Good there’s shorts to rescue the day.

Three Decades Of Frak Music

Already introduced on Calypso Sessions, this time Frak comes back to us with a short chat about the different angles of creativity that a project has experienced trough many years of activity. Frak, a band of three men - Johan, Ja..
Justas Jelisejevas

Fused Electronic Obscurities Of Khidja

Roman duet, Andrei Rusu and Florentin Tudor, were inspired by a record of a legendary band Mandrill - they found it during their school years and that’s how Khidja was born. Now this name always lights up every party\'s line up..
Kotryna Briedyte

Cologne’s Neues Fleisch lands in Vilnius

We are talking to Lukas Echterhoff, the founder of dance music event series Neues Fleisch. Only one year old, Neues Fleisch started it\'s journey back in the woods of Cologne with a spontaneous outdoor party that blasted the loc..
Justas Jelisejevas

Official Season Opening: OTTO

September is a good start for a fresh clubbing season in Vilnius when everyone is ready to show off their secret weapons for the upcoming year. This time Kablys + Club made a pleasant surprise by hosting OTTO as the leading artis..
Justas Jelisejevas

The Storm [Neubau]. Heap, MR TC and Lo Kindre Speak

Florian Stöffelbauer aka Heap, the machine man behind Viennese label Neubau and sublabel Wiener Brut as well as online record store Discus Throwers, speaks with me today about the latest EP called The Storm, released on Neubau..
Ilona Dzengeleviciute

The Winning Formula Of Dekmantel Festival 2018

Dekmantel festival comes with a reputation like only a few others out there. Bringing together artists, representing labels and offering a weekender not only full of fantastic sound-system but also well-curated stages and impeccab..
Ilona Dzengeleviciute

Supynes 2018: Rejuvenated, Modern And Responsible

The synthesis of poetic pulse of nature and modern culture of nowadays. Fundamental musical projects and eclectics pushing the boundaries of their genres. Spaces, dedicated for both audiovisual art experiments and highly relevant ..
Calypso Magazine

Discotheque With Hugo Capablanca

The one who likes music but is also focused on visual arts. Being successful while doing what he loves. Not taking himself too seriously. Hugo Capablanca runs a label and knows how to link DJ’ing with conceptual art and how to ..
Kotryna Briedyte

Counting Down to Strange Sounds From Beyond 2018

The charm of Strange Sounds From Beyond is undeniable. It is an intimate and mysterious affair that cropped up for the first time two years ago in Amsterdam\'s industrial NDSM docklands, with each edition consisting of a painstaki..
Alex Rigby

Miniature Complex Of Dane//Close

The upcoming weekend is planned to be spent under the black rainbow, so let us introduce here the guest of already traditional Juoduomene night in Opium club - the resident of Sameheads and a fellow man to a highly regarded Power ..
Kotryna Briedyte

Adapting To Odopt

This Friday is already marked in red by Born Free and Discos Capablanca family member Odopt. While Grisha Nelyubin and Ivan Maslov are preparing for their first appearance in Opium club, we have a significant chance to discover th..
Kotryna Briedyte

Corpus – A Body Of Work By Borusiade

In connection to an event series called House Purgatorio in Riga\'s club ONE ONE and their venture of booking the somewhat mysterious artist Borusiade to their second instalment this year we had the chance to throw three random qu..
Janis Lipsans