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Official Season Opening: OTTO

New clubbing season in Vilnius comes with a great opportunity to learn more about OTTO, a project run by two meisters of synths Cid Hohner and Alexader Arpeggio, who is also the founder of Eine Welt and Mond Music labels. We brought them together..
Justas Jelisejevas

The Storm [Neubau]. Heap, MR TC and Lo Kindre Speak

Florian Stöffelbauer aka Heap, the machine man behind Viennese label Neubau and sublabel Wiener Brut as well as online record store Discus Throwers speaks with me today about the latest EP called "The Storm", released on Neubau by guys from Glasgow MR TC ..
Ilona Dzengeleviciute

The Winning Formula Of Dekmantel Festival 2018

Dekmantel festival comes with a reputation like only a few others out there. Bringing together artists, representing labels and offering a weekender not only full of fantastic sound-system but also well-curated stages and impeccable ..
Ilona Dzengeleviciute
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  • A perfect cosmic dub track, as Konsistent says himself. He is a Copenhagen based Lithuanian DJ and producer, having left traces on such labels as Kalahari Oyster Cult, Eine Welt and Macadam Mambo, for which this track was made as a part of “Danzas Electricas Vol. II” compilation.
Go check it on Calypso Sessions on soundcloud.
  • Good afternoon, we’re having a little showcase tomorrow on Calypso with this mister. Get excited and stay tuned 🍌
  • End of @ottoinoffizielle series. Finishing with a somewhats perfect set design? Shoutout to us whoever was responsible for this.
Pic by @toma.ka.
  • Cid Hohner contemplation. @ottoinoffizielle live at @kablysclub. 
Pic credits @toma.ka.
  • @ottoinoffizielle live at @kablysclub. 
Pic by @toma.ka