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Parallel Cityscapes By Alfavilnius 2019

Alfavilnius strikes again one more year. Known as a festival of parallel Vilnius, it depicts the meaning as well as the purpose surprisingly well and counts its third stepping into the field of city’s events you shouldn’t miss out on. Each edition consistently intervening into..
Ilona Dzengeleviciute

New Split EP by Gil. Barte and LostSoundBytes

Discos Del Quebranto, a sub-label by Brokntoys will be dropping a 5 track split EP by Gil.Barte and LostSoundBytes on 18th February.  A hypno-industrial release is divided into two parts featuring two strong and authenti..

Justas Jelisejevas

In Search of Lost Records With Nosedrip

Nosedrip should be remarked, in a tone tinged with gratitude - he is one of the best diggers around, returning loads of discoveries back to our world. With his own created and curated label as a monumental museum and monthly..
Kotryna Briedyte
Calypso community
  • Alfavilnius 2019 is already next week and here we are, giving you the best of the festival’s route, featuring such names as @diewildejagd, @evageist, @legowelt_official, @sapphireslows and many more. Dig in.

Visuals by @titassudzius,
  • Our newest premiere is brought by Lamusa II, track named Artificiale, which falls into another fascinating compilation by DJ soFa. 
Artificiale takes us on an adventure of hypnotic and sleazy sounds, evoking a feeling of falling into a trap of ambient and tribal territories. Compilation will be available soon on Emotional Response label.
Go check out at our Soundcloud Sessions.
  • Interview straight from NYC.
Heap, Bocksrucker and MSCLN took time to meet up with us to talk about their niche sounds that are making way across Europe and further, as well as help us answer about the (non)existent music borders.
  • We are thrilled to say that another premiere in our Sessions’ catalogue happens to be directly from multi-talented Heap himself, who not only runs his Vienna-based label Neubau, but is also about to drop his first ever solo debut. “Amour Propre” covers raw and electrified notes, that bend into a rough kicker line and don’t release until the very end of the track.
Get your free listening of an uncompromising and honest piece on our Soundcloud Sessions || out early April on NEUBAU.
  • Today’s a beautiful day for treats, and here’s one more from Vladimir Ivkovic. Why is music important in one’s life?

Video: Domas Merkliopas