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In Search of Lost Records With Nosedrip

Nosedrip should be remarked, in a tone tinged with gratitude - he is one of the best diggers around, returning loads of discoveries back to our world. With his own created and curated label as a monumental museum and monthly..
Kotryna Briedyte

Calypso’s Favourite Picks Of 2018

We spent the last 10 prolific months growing our independent media platform and sharing with you the highlights of the underground music scene we're all in. We've listened to what you've listened and you've listened to what we've recommended for you to listen to..
Ilona Dzengeleviciute

Three Decades Of Frak Music

Already introduced on Calypso Sessions, this time Frak comes back to us with a short chat about the different angles of creativity that a project has experienced trough many years of activity. Frak, a band of three men - Johan, Jan and Björn, that released their first EP back in ’87..
Justas Jelisejevas
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  • @nosedrip is in Vilnius this Friday and is about to appear in @barasamadeus Grand Otel night. A few words right before the show!
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  • Open call! Calypso is expanding and therefore our team is in searches for new people. If you’re an author, filmmaker, editor or anyone in between with a strong desire to add something relevant to our platform - we’d be glad to hear from you. 
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  • 2018 was a good year. For launching a mag, for doing first events, for picking up great releases throughout a year and thank you so much who’s in this whole journey together with us. Here’s a small recap, now go ahead and check the short’s section on our web for some top of the tops!
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  • Fresh new read with TV.OUT about their in-depth music production as well as past and future releases. Dive in!
  • Kris Baha is back with new EP “In Your Arms” on Italian label She Lost Kontrol. Previews are out on the biggest music platforms, while we are the ones to talk to him about the record’s production. 
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