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Lena Willikens: Cryptic Corner Series

Right in the middle of melancholic Lithuanian autumn Opium Club surprises us with an announcement of a new resident DJ they are going to host. As our eyes flash with excitement we learn that Lena Willikens is going to be a regular guest at the club...
Justas Jelisejevas, Ilona Dzengeleviciute

Nachtdigital 2019, Golden Hours And Last Goodbye

This will have been my first and last experience of Nachtdigital. Of course, I knew about the festival for a few years, thanks to my friend and colleague Thomas, expressing so well the beauty of it all. However, I was far from imagining the actual experience.
Christophe Mauberque

Who Is Hiding Behind Jean-Luc?

Four psychosomatic weirdos - as Low Bat would say - just released an EP called “Jean-Luc”. Who is Jean-Luc? That moody yet dreamy punk standing near the bar in Berlin’s arkaoda? Those, who were following Knekelhuis lately, had an opportunity..
Ugne Matuleviciute
Calypso community
  • Right before its release we give you a track from Gamma Intel‘s third EP on the list - Automatic Illusion, which is a second one on Brokntoys label.

Fata M is a rhythmic trip that leads through a path of haunting vails, saturated with deep atmospheric sounds. It occupies the body and mind alike to move along the composition until the track reaches its finale.

Release is available October 28th on Brokntoys, but in the meantime, go ahead and snatch Fata M on Calypso Sessions soundcloud!
  • Our eyes flash with excitement as we learn that Lena Willikens is going to be a regular guest at Opium club and that she will be running fresh event series called Cryptic Corner.
Our chat with her and her first invited female guest - Alicia Carrera - is already live on
  • All of a sudden, we’re back.
Also, returning properly with a valuable material from the past - Die Wilde Jagd was invited to play at Opium club's organized Alfavilnius 2019 festival, and, obviously, we took our chace to grab the front-man, Sebastian Lee Philipp, for a chat over the band’s past & present.

Camera & Editing - Dominykas Noruišis, Julius Abaravičius.
  • It’s been a couple of weeks since the last edition of Nachtdigital took its place at Olganitz.
Nevertheless, we’re still here, delivering material from the location.

This time, take a look at what we’ve talked with Krakow’s female musical highlight and resident of Unsound Festival - Olivia - a short chit chat between her sets at last Nachti, covering facts about her career as a DJ and music producer.

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📸 @chrisxxm
  • Final moments 📸 @chrisxxm