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Three Decades Of Frak Music

Already introduced on Calypso Sessions, this time Frak comes back to us with a short chat about the different angles of creativity that a project has experienced trough many years of activity. Frak, a band of three men - Johan, Jan and Björn, that released their first EP back in ’87..
Justas Jelisejevas

Fused Electronic Obscurities Of Khidja

Roman duet, Andrei Rusu and Florentin Tudor, were inspired by a record of a legendary band Mandrill - they found it during their school years and that’s how the name of Khidja was born. Now this name always lights up every party line up from Tokyo to New Y..
Kotryna Briedyte

Cologne’s Neues Fleisch lands in Vilnius

We are talking to Lukas Echterhoff, the founder of dance music and performative art event series Neues Fleisch. Only one year old, Neues Fleisch started its journey back in the woods of Cologne with a spontaneous outdoor party that blasted the local dance music scene. The name..
Justas Jelisejevas
Calypso community
  • Kris Baha is back with new EP “In Your Arms” on Italian label She Lost Kontrol. Previews are out on the biggest music platforms, while we are the ones to talk to him about the record’s production. 
Emotional touch and sincere answers within the text. Link in bio, our mag’s Premieres section ⛓
Pic by @uma_termas
  • Exhausted Modern is a Prague based DJ and producer, as well as a half of Endless Illusion label. He comes back with a new EP on Rotterdam Electronix, which kicks off with an extended acid injected electro track “All Things Are Possible”. Go check it on Calypso Sessions’ soundcloud.
The record is available by the end of December, on Rotterdam Electronix.
  • Meet Rotterdam’s regular and our highlight - Gamma Intel. With a second solo EP soon to be released on Pinkman label and about to headline our mag’s launch event, he shared with us a few words about his industrial-tinged electro impact.
Link with event in bio ⛓
  • First record of Amsterdam’s project Stallion’s Stud is now out on @interstellarfunk’s Artificial Dance. Today we’re speaking with its culprits - @identified_patient x Red Light Radio’s co-founder @huge0. 
Link in our bio/premieres section 💉
  • As Longitude is a duo of Berlin based producers that are coming back on Macadam Mambo with their EP “That’s When Animals Turned Into Humans”. Filled with hypnotic sounds, Saxo and voices, the EP is out 1st December. 
Go check As Longitude - That’s When Animals Turned Into Humans track on Calypso Sessions’ soundcloud 🐚 Pic by Alicia Carrera @divorcepygmee